Mayda Karabogdan is a visual artist and designer based in Toronto, Canada. Karabogdan holds a BFA from OCAD University and has exhibited in Canada and internationally. Her work is housed in various private and public collections.

Interested in exploring the representation of the body, Karabogdan depicts personal narratives of identity and personhood through drawing and painting. Her gestural, figurative paintings use journaling as a stepping stone, allowing them to function as psychological studies. The skinlike texture in the paintings is made through the layering of media over fabrics to create surfaces on which the artist can explore. The paintings function as a record of lived experience, using the flesh as an avatar of thought. Just as lived experience imprints onto tissue, the mark-making process creates forms in Karabogdan's pieces. These marks reduce the figure to gestures on a flat picture plane where each gesture is in conversation with the last, similarly to how personal effects and documents form a self or cause reflection. Her work prompts meditative self-reflection in the viewer and to consider the narratives that lead to the work's creation.


IG: @maydakara

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